10 Restaurants/Cafes where you can eat in Cusco

10 Restaurants/Cafes where you can eat in Cusco


Many people are aware of Peruvian Cuisine and its popularity, so if you’re visiting Peru and especially Cusco, we recommend you 10 places (restaurants & cafes) where you can taste the flavors of our cuisine as well as enjoy a nice atmosphere. Bon Appetit!

Greens Organics

It is located on the second floor of a beautiful colonial house, just half a block from the Plaza de Armas. It offers a great atmosphere, cozy and relaxed, perfect for reading or writing. With an organic and ecological proposal, this restaurant serves breakfast and lunch prepared with fresh ingredients from the Sacred Valley, a good option if you like organic and fresh food.

Address: Santa Catalina Angosta 135, 2nd Floor, Plaza de Armas.

Limo Cocina Peruana & Pisco Bar

Located on the second floor of a typical colonial Cusco house, this restaurant offers a great view of La Plaza de Armas, especially in the afternoon to see the sunset from the balcony. It offers a modern culinary proposal with emphasis on seafood including Tiraditos and the famous Ceviche. Definitely a great place with great food.

Address: Portal de Carnes 236, 2nd Floor, Plaza de Armas


Chicha Restaurant by Gaston Acurio, is a must see in Cusco. Located in the Plaza Regocijos, a few blocks from the Plaza de Armas, it offers a great variety of dishes which allow you to discover the Peruvian cuisine properly.  A great option for tasting the Peruvian flavors!

Address: Plaza Regocijo 261.


Located on the second floor in an old colonial house, this restaurant is just a couple of minutes away from the Plaza the Armas. This place is ideal for romantic dinner in town. With an international proposal, here you can enjoy a glass of wine and taste some tapas at the bar. We recommend you get there early as this place does not take reservations.

Address: Calle Triunfo 393 2nd floor


At the heart of the famous district of San Blas, Pachapapa restaurant is known for its original courtyard surrounded by cherry trees and tumblers, perfect for a picnic lunch next to the wood stove accompanied by a lilting Andean harp. At night, you’ll be able to enjoy a tasty and filling regional menu of traditional food. Great place and tasty food!

Address: Plaza San Blas 120

La Bodega 138

Considered one of the best pizzerias in Cusco, it’s located 4 blocks from the Plaza de Armas, the place has a cozy and modern atmosphere. With a nice Italian proposal, they offer one of the best pizzas with their original recipe. A great place to chill out.

Address: Herrajes 138.

Fallen Angel

Located in the small square of Nazarenas, it offers a decorated atmosphere inspired by the Fallen Angel. The restaurant has Peruvian flavors entirely; natural products from the coastline and the highlands of Peru. A wonderful place to taste the Peruvian cuisine daily.

Address: Plazoleta Nazarenas 221

La Bondiet

After a long walk through the city, we recommend you relaxing in La Bondiet Cafe, a cozy place with excellent service. You can enjoy an excellent coffee as well as delicious cookies and desserts. A very nice option in Cusco.

Address: Portal Espinar 115

MAP Café

Located in the courtyard of La Casa Cabrera, the restaurants is a glass cube that contrasts harmoniously with the colonial architecture of the house. The gastronomic proposal is an interesting reinvention of traditional Peruvian dishes, we recommend ordering the cannelloni red and black quinoa flavored with white truffle. Bon appetite!

Address: Pre-Columbian Art Museum.

La Pizza Carlo

Another good address for Italian food is Pizza Carlo, is a small but cozy place, all cooked in the wood oven, which makes the food has an especial flavor. The menu offers more than 20 varieties of pizzas, from vegetarian pizzas to meat ingredients. You can also try the lasagne and salads. So recommended!

Address: Calle Maruri, 381

In brief, any place you go you will find an authentic atmosphere to enjoy, don’t hesitate to explore on your own since nice places might be found!

Peruvian Menu
Peruvian Menu

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