The Rainbow Mountain Cusco – 1 Full Day Trip

Our trip to The Rainbow Mountain was awesome, it was definitely more than we expected. We were a group of 14 people and we started very early in the morning. The guide picked us up at 3:00 am and most of the people were picked up from their hotels in Cusco. As for me, I was the last one to be […]

APEC Summit Peru 2016

This week, Peru hosts the Asia – Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum, also known as APEC, and is attended by political leaders, businessmen, and international figures. It’s such an important event for Peru that we can explain in three main points: the topics brought up at this summit, the countries committed and the benefits as members of this forum. As a […]

10 Restaurants/Cafes where you can eat in Cusco

­­­­­­­­­ Many people are aware of Peruvian Cuisine and its popularity, so if you’re visiting Peru and especially Cusco, we recommend you 10 places (restaurants & cafes) where you can taste the flavors of our cuisine as well as enjoy a nice atmosphere. Bon Appetit! Greens Organics It is located on the second floor of a beautiful colonial house, just […]

7 Places you must see in Cusco

La Plaza de Armas. La Plaza de Armas is the main square in the center of Cuzco, after having been the center of the ancient Inca capital. Here are some of the important landmarks of the city: the Jesuit Church and the Cathedral of Cuzco, and many restaurants and shops. This place is a must for any visitor, but is […]