Tourism is now allowed in the Colca Valley after Earthquake

After the strong earthquake that left personal and property damage in the Colca Valley, tourist roads are already open, this information was confirmed by Wilder Mamani, the manager of Autocolca (a local tourism authority in the Colca valley). Visits to the main tourist attractions in Arequipa as well as the Colca Valley are now allowed after suspension and evacuation of […]

7 Places you must see in Cusco

La Plaza de Armas. La Plaza de Armas is the main square in the center of Cuzco, after having been the center of the ancient Inca capital. Here are some of the important landmarks of the city: the Jesuit Church and the Cathedral of Cuzco, and many restaurants and shops. This place is a must for any visitor, but is […]

Lima to Cusco flights

Are you planning to flight to Cusco and you’re wondering what the best company is? Certainly, the best way to reach Cusco from Lima is by air (1h10’).  However, there are many companies that offer this trip at different rates, most of them very expensive, and it might be hard to get your Cusco flights at a good price. Ok, […]

What is the best time to visit Peru?

Everyone wants to know what the best time to visit Peru is, so let’s start with the good news: you can travel to Peru all year! The key is to know what you want: sun, a typical atmosphere trip to Peru without tourist crowds, small price … You decide! First, notice that we are in the southern hemisphere, and winter and summer […]