Peruvian cuisine, what to eat in Peru?

Peruvian cuisine, what to eat in Peru?

Peruvian cuisine is as diverse as the geography of our country! On the coast, there are many traditional dishes, made from seafood. In the Andes, we offer a wide selection of soups, great quality meat, and at least 4,000 potato varieties! and no,  this is not a joke! Those who are adventurous will love the Amazon cuisine consisting mainly of local wildlife: river fish, liver tortoise, alligators, wild boar, etc.

Anyway, you can’t make a trip to Peru without tasting one or more of these specialties:


Impossible not to taste while traveling in Peru, this is the national dish! It consists of raw seafood chopped and marinated in lemon juice with peppers. If we had to recommend one, that of conchas negras (large black clams) is absolutely delicious. It comes with raw onions, corn, and sweet potatoes. In addition, you can be sure to find the extremely fresh fish in Cevicherías (restaurants offering the ceviche). Better to taste for lunch with a great chicha morada ( a traditional drink made from purple corn).

The Pachamanca

A traditional dish of the Andes! Meat, pork or chicken is marinated in different spices and cooked on hot stones. This is often accompanied by potatoes.


Delicious beef heart skewers marinated beforehand in vinegar and as well as pepper. As for Pachamanca, they are often served with small roasted potatoes.

As for drinks, you should taste many varieties of local beers but also the famous Pisco, this hard liquor with grape, but it’s best known in the country as it serves to prepare the national cocktail Pisco sour!

Finally, here in Peru, eating well and pamper the palate is so important, you’ll easily find a cozy atmosphere that offers not only a wonderful food but also a great atmosphere of music, decoration and warm service. Don’t hesitate to taste the Peruvian flavor, we guarantee you will not regret!

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