What to bring in your bags for visiting Peru?

What to bring in your bags for visiting Peru?

What documents should I take with?

Good news for American citizens, Europeans, Swiss and Canadians, no visa is required to visit Peru.

You just need to verify that you have a valid passport at least 6 months after your trip in Peru. We also remind you to photocopy / scan your ID, a precaution which may be useful once there.

The vaccines before leaving Peru

It’s important to know that if you’re planning to visit the Amazon basin, a vaccination against yellow fever is required.  To be effective, it must be made 10 days before arrival in Peru.

Essential items for putting in your suitcase.

Peru is divided into three different climate zones: the coast, the Andes and the Amazon. Thus, whatever the time of your trip to Peru is, you might need several types of clothing and equipment.

Whatever your itinerary, do not forget to take with you:

– A good camera as well as a good charger.

– An adapter.

– A light backpack.

– Comfortable walking shoes.

– A small English-Spanish dictionary.

– Cash for small purchases (make sure to bring with you notes in good condition, torn notes won’t be accepted)

In the Andes

In the mythical Andes, the temperature changes dramatically between night and day, so make sure to bring proper clothing for hot days and cold nights.

For this region, you will need to bring:

– Very good sunglasses.

– A hat or cap.

– Long slacks and shorts.

– A polar.

– Good socks.

– Gloves and scarf.

– A walking stick.

– A headlamp if you make the trek or a home stay.


The weather in the Amazon is so hot and humid, as well as lots of mosquitoes especially at dusk.

For this region, you will need to bring:

– Flip-flops to walk around in the lodge

– Repellent for avoiding mosquitoes’ bites.

– Long sleeves shirts and long slacks for mosquitoes

Obviously you might need more items, it will depend on destinations you’re visiting, but it contains what is essential for coming to Peru and avoid any inconvenient. In Machu Picchu Explorer we’ll be glad to assist you with any additional information you might need, come and explore Peru with us!



Make sure to bring a good camera and take a wonderful picture

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