Tourism is now allowed in the Colca Valley after Earthquake

Tourism is now allowed in the Colca Valley after Earthquake

After the strong earthquake that left personal and property damage in the Colca Valley, tourist roads are already open, this information was confirmed by Wilder Mamani, the manager of Autocolca (a local tourism authority in the Colca valley).

Visits to the main tourist attractions in Arequipa as well as the Colca Valley are now allowed after suspension and evacuation of tourists by strong earthquake on August 14th.

The manager of the Colca Autonomous Authority (Autocolca), Wilder Mamani, reported that 100% of the roads leading to tourist circuit Colca are already accesible, therefore authorities determined that tourism reopens.

Tourists can normally visit ChivayCondor Cross, Cabanaconde as well as the districts of Sibayo, Callalli, Tuti and Tisco, as new tourist offer, while remain suspending walks between the districts of Cabanaconde and Tapay as well as experiential tourism  offered in the district of Yanque.

Below, we have also attached a notice (written in spanish) made by Autocolca  where encourages visitors to continue coming to the Colca Valley as well as recommendations for travel companies.

We have permanent meetings with the authorities along with tourism companies to guarantee the safety and functionality of the tourist circuits“.

Machu Picchu explorer invites you again to consider visiting the villages of the Colca Valley and support local economy that has certainly been affected by the earthquake. We are at your disposal for any other information.


Notice Auto Colca
Notice Auto Colca

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