Lima Peru: Location, Elevation, Weather and Things to Do

Explore the City of the Kings


The city of Lima is called “The city of the Kings”, is one of Peru’s 10 UNESCO World heritage sites and many efforts are being made to refurbish historical districts. The city's cuisine has earned in the title of gastronomic Capital of the Americas. The city offers you a colonial center, with its ground Plaza de Armas, find churches and beautiful wooden balconies.

The chances are you won't have much time in Lima and will want to move to Cusco as soon as possible. But if you do a free night before flying you should check out the nightlife in Barranco, a bohemian, seaside suburb of the capital.
It’s also a great place for a romantic early evening drink while you watch the sun slip into the Pacific Ocean. There are trendy bars and nightclubs in Miraflores too.


Lima is located in the central coastal of Peru, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It's a city situated basically in the desert. It has over 10 million people living in the capital. Lima is the first destination for most of travelers coming from Europe or the USA. From here you'll be able to take your connection to other cities such as Arequipa, Cusco, Iquitos, etc.


Lima has two seasons identified, the Summer (from December to March), and the Winter (from May to November). The temperatures ranges between 12°C and 30°C (54°F - 84°F). The weather is sunny, warm and muggy.

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How to get to Lima

The Lima international airport connects many different destinations not just from Southamerica but from the US as well. Direct flights connect Miami and New York for example. Air companies that operate this flights are American Airlains, Delta and Latam. The average flight time between these two destinations are 7h45 min.

If coming from Europe, the most common hub is Madrid. However it exists direct flights from Paris or Amsterdam. Common air companies that operate this flights are Iberia, KLM, Air Europa, Air France, etc.

Talking about domestic flights, almost all cities connect with Lima airport. With destinations such as Cusco or Arequipa, daily flights are operated. However, if coming from other destinations there could be only 2 or 3 frequencies in the week.

What to do in Lima

Lima has become a cool destination for those who love gastronomy and fresh sea food. Here we show you some highlights that you can't miss out.

Colonial and modern city

What can you see in Lima? We recommend visiting the cathedral which was finished in 1555, it was partly paid for by Francisco Pizarro on the condition that her father was buried there. The interior is so impressive, 8% massive columns and high nave, silver altars surrounded by fine woodwork, etc. The remains of Francisco Pizarro found in the crypt lie in the small chapel.

We also recommend visiting the San Francisco church which was finished in 1674, it’s one of the edifices to withstand the 1746 earthquake. On the other side of Lima, it’s located the district of Barranco where many artists live, we recommend to see the “Bridge of Sighs” with fine views of the bay.

The district of Miraflores is also a "must see" in the city. You will want to book your hotel here and enjoy of its popular restaurants, its views from the cliffs and its intersting nightlife. The district overlooks the Pacific Ocean which makes it a great spot to stay while viting Lima.

Peruvian Gastronomy

Are you a foodie? Then, we have excellent news, Peru has been recognized as one of the best culinary destinations in the world. Its biodiversity as well as its multicultural heritage have helped the country to stand out among the top gastronomy contries.

The most important thing are probably our local products. Peru produces huge quantities of Potatos, Quinoa, Corn as well as fresh seafood due to its location close to the pacific ocean. Some flavors that you should taste are: The Ceviche, El Lomo Saltado, el Aji de Gallina, La causa, El rocoto relleno, the Alpaca burguer, etc.

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Travel Tips to Lima

  • Make sure to book your hotel in the distict of Miraflores. It's the safest and close to the main attractions.

  • Visit the bohemian district of Barranco. You'll find many Art lovers and nice places overlooking the sea.

  • Make sure to have all travel documents for visiting Peru as a tourist (valid passport, vaccines, etc).

  • Depending on your date visit, wear proper clothing (Summer or Winter).

  • One or two days are enough to fully explore Lima.

Frequent Travel Questions

What is the best time to visit Lima?

Any time of the year is suitable for visiting Lima. Just keep in mind that if you come in the Summer (December - March), wear proper clothing.

Is it dangerous to visit Lima?

The short answer is no. All facilities guarantee a safe experience while visiting Lima. Neverthless, we always encourage you to look out at your personal items as well as visiting the recommended sites (Barranco, Miraflores and the Downtown).

Can I get to Machu Picchu from Lima?

No. First, you need to reach Cusco (by plane or bus), next you should either take the train or do any of the multi-day hikes.

Are the main attractions in Lima open during the Pandemic?

Most of attractions have been closed for many months due to the Covid-19. However, it's now open to visitors. We suggest that you contact us first to have further information.

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