Puno Peru: Elevation, Lake Titicaca and Things to do

Home to floating islands and singular cultures


Puno is located at 3800 above sea level, the high altitude town is the departure point for the islands of Taquile and Amantani, both in the Lake Titicaca. This trip to the islands will provide you a real insight into traditional andean life. You can get to Puno either by train or bus, don’t hesitate to contact us in order to propose you the best way to organize your trip.


The downtown is easy to walk, neverthless you can make your life easier by taking a taxi. Puno Gets cold at night generally not below 0°C, but in June to August the temperature can fall up to -20°C. Days are bright and the midday sun is hot, however we can never be quite sure what weather is going to come off the lake.

titicaca peru

How to get to Puno

Most visitors arrive in Puno by bus. Those who come from Bolivia, from Arequipa and even from Cusco take a bus ride. As we said before, booking with a realiable bus company is the key. We recommend "Cruz del Sur", "Mer", and "Inka Express". The bus ride normally includes stops on the way to visit different sites such as Raqchi, Pukara, etc.

Another way to reach Puno is by plane. There are daily flights between Cusco/Lima to Puno. The most reliable air company is LATAM. Not many frequencies as Cusco, so make sure to fit your itinerary with your flight.

Finally, another way to reach Puno and thus, the lake Titicaca is by train. The Peru Rail company offers a train ride called "Andean Explorer", a full day ride of impressive landscapes, peaks, and more surprises. If interested in having more information, don't hesitate to contact us.

What to do in Puno

Visitors have many options in Puno, so a couple of days will be enough to see the highlights.

The Uros Island

These islands are so famous by how its population live in the middle of the lake Titicaca. There are about 15 islands that are regularly visited by tourists. The Islanders fish, hunt birds, and take off the lake plants, in which the most important are the totora reeds used to build their original boats, houses and the very foundations of their islands.
Most families still depend on local trade, and tourism is just a irregular activity.

uros island


This island is located about 45 kilometers from Puno, it has lots of Inca ruins and terraces. At the highest point we can be delighted by a very nice view of the sunset. The island is quite welcoming and quiet, however it becomes busy in high season. The island area is about 1 kilometer wide and 7 kilometers long. You will have the possibility to spend a night on the island to fully appreciate its beauty and see people wearing their traditional customs.



Another island well worth visiting is Amantani. This island is very quiet and beautiful, certainly less spoiled, more genuine and friendly. This island also offers magnificent views to glaze the Lake Titicaca. There are temples and on the shore there is a throne carved out of stone, the Inca Tiana. You can also stay overnight in the island since there are many accommodations available with a local family. Often folklore shows are arranged when there are groups of tourists and visitors dress up in local clothes and participate dancing.


Travel Tips to Puno

  • Here we recommend either taking the bus ride or the train heading to Cusco. Both experiences are fantastic.

  • Contact a reliable travel agency to planning your trip.

  • Make sure to have all travel documents for visiting Peru as a tourist (valid passport, vaccines, etc).

  • Depending on your date visit, wear proper clothing (rainy season or dry season).

  • The lake Titicaca is by far one of the coolest attractions in Peru. We suggest that you plan your trip quite in advance to have a great experience.

Frequent Travel Questions

What is the best time to visit the lake Titicaca?

Consider visiting the lake Titicaca in the dry season, that is, from April to September. You'll have sunny and warm days.

What is the elevation of the Lake Titicaca?

The lake Titicaca is located at 3 812 meters above sea level (12500 ft)

Is it safe to visit the Lake Titicaca?

Yes, it is. All facilities guarantee a safe experience while visiting the lake Titicaca. Neverthless, we always encourage you to follow all instructions given by your guide during the tour.

How long should I stay in Puno?

The average time to visit Puno and the Lake Titicaca is two days.

Is the Lake Titicaca open during the Pandemic?

The Lake Titicaca has been closed for many months due to the Covid-19. However, it's now open to visitors. We suggest that you contact us first to have further information.

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