The Best Hotels in Cusco

The Best Hotels in Cusco

When we start to organize a trip, one of the first things we think about is where will I stay? That is why, thanks to the most popular websites like Trip advisor & Booking, we have compiled the best hotels in Cusco for 2017.

The options will always be many, however, the opinion of thousands of travelers along with the recommendations of your travel agent will be of great help in choosing your hotels. Don’t get frustrated about choosing a lousy hotel, read our post and enjoy your travel experience in Cusco with total tranquility.

Cusco hotels
Belmond Palacio Nazarenas, according to Tripadvisor users,  the best hotel in Cusco


The following hotels are rated based on the opinions of hundreds of travelers.

  1. Belmond Palacio Nazarenas
  2. Inkaterra la Casona
  3. Casa Cartagena Boutique & Spa.
  4. Belmond Hotel Monasterio
  5. Antigua Casona San Blas
  6. Hotel Torre Dorada
  7. JW Marriot The convent
  8. Palacio del Inca Luxury Collection
  9. Aranwa Cusco Boutique Hostel
  10. Tierra Viva Cusco Saphi

Tripadvisor is a great tool that provides useful travel information, basically because it comes from the users themselves. This has helped us a lot to choose the best hotels in Cusco for our clients.

Here are the top 10 of hotels in Cusco for 2017 according to Booking:


  1. Casa Cartagena Boutique Hotel & Spa
  2. Antigua Casona San Blas
  3. Belmond Hotel Monasterio
  4. JW Marriot El Convento Hotel
  5. Palacio del Inca, a Luxury Collection Hotel
  6. Illa hotel
  7. Belmond Palace Nazarenas
  8. Sonesta Cusco
  9. Tierra Viva Cusco Center
  10. Tierra Viva San Blas

According to Booking, we can see that several hotels are kept in the Top 10, however, there are 2 hotels that have stood out over the others. On the one hand the Casa Cartagena Boutique Hotel and on the other, the Antigua Casona San Blas. Both hotels offer a high-quality service by performing a particular style each. Definitely 2 excellent options to stay in Cusco if you’re looking for comfort and high-quality service.

On the other hand, note that both platforms stand out hotels (mostly) of category 5-stars (of course they may differ from international standards). So what about the other categories? That’s why we have also included on this post, hotels that, according to our experience and the help of popular platforms such as Trip advisor, stand out for their services and originality.


The following hotels are characterized by being located in the center of the city, have been built in colonial houses that show beautiful courtyards and offer to its clients several services such as restaurant, bar, room service, Laundry, amenities, etc.

  • Casa Andina Premim Cusco
  • Costa del Sol Cusco
  • Hotel Novotel Cusco
  • Hotel Sonesta
casa andina premium
The beautiful courtyard of Casa Andina Premium Cusco



The 3-star hotels offer excellent service with everything that travelers need, many of them are in central locations as in picturesque neighborhoods such as the popular San Blas District. Among the services offered are Restaurant, Laundry, the Internet and occasionally Room Service.

  • Tierra Viva Cusco
  • Hotel Ruinas
  • Casa Andina San Blas
  • Hotel Rumi Punqu
  • Hotel Maytaq
Tierra Viva beautiful rooms
Tierra Viva beautiful rooms


The 2-star hotels are characterized by being simple but with everything that a traveler needs to enjoy their stay in Cusco. We recommend the following hotels not only for the service they offer but also because they have been equipped in old colonial houses, with beautiful arches and quiet courtyards inside the hotel. Most of them offer breakfast, the Internet, and laundry service.

  • Hotel Amaru
  • Niños Hotel
  • Hotel Inkarri
  • Hotel El Principe
Niños Hotel Nice Courtyard
Niños Hotel Nice Courtyard

We hope this information will be useful for all our travelers. Remember that if you want to book the best hotels in Cusco and also customize your travel packages to Machu Picchu, just feel free to contact us. We are Machu Picchu Explorer, your local travel agency in Cusco-Peru, and we will be happy to hear from you and plan your travel experience to Peru!

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