Lima to Cusco flights

Lima to Cusco flights

Are you planning to flight to Cusco and you’re wondering what the best company is? Certainly, the best way to reach Cusco from Lima is by air (1h10’).  However, there are many companies that offer this trip at different rates, most of them very expensive, and it might be hard to get your Cusco flights at a good price.
Ok, let’s start by naming the companies and pointing out their pros & cons:

LAN: They have changed their name and now they’re LATAM. It’s the air company that has the largest number of frequencies in the Country. There is actually a flight to Cusco every hour, so if you have a delay you will easily be taking the next hour flight. However, you need to know that LAN has expensive rates for tourists. If you’re buying online, pay attention to the country language (since they have different rates for Peruvians & foreign tourists) you might pay an extra fee if your ticket isn’t the right one.

AVIANCA: This air company has a similar policy than LAN. You also have to be careful with the country language on their website, since rates aren’t the same for both Peruvians and tourists. They offer 6 frequencies during the day, being the first flight at 05h20 and the last one at 15h00.

PERUVIAN AIRLAINS: Unlike other companies, Peruvian airlines make no difference between Peruvians and tourists, so the rates that you find online are the ones you pay. They also have 6 frequencies during the day.

STAR PERU: This Company works like Peruvian Airlines, they have no different rates for customers. However they have fewer frequencies, only 3 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon.

LCP: This a very new company which offers Cusco flights from Lima. They have interesting rates and offer 6 frequencies a day.

Something very important to know is that if you have international connections in Lima, make sure to book your domestic flight with time. Sometimes, the 3 last companies above have had delays on their departures, so it’s up to you consider which company to book with. In our experience, all these companies have a similar quality, main differences are  in number of frequencies and rates.

In brief, if you have a tight itinerary and want to have no delays, LAN/AVIANCA may be a good option. Otherwise, Peruvian Airlains, LCP or StarPeru might offer you the same flight with interesting rates.


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