APEC Summit Peru 2016

This week, Peru hosts the Asia – Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum, also known as APEC, and is attended by political leaders, businessmen, and international figures. It’s such an important event for Peru that we can explain in three main points: the topics brought up at this summit, the countries committed and the benefits as members of this forum. As a […]

Transport in Peru

AIRPLANE Definitely the best way (and the safest) to travel to Peru is by plane. Five companies provide domestic flights: LAN Perú, Star Perú, Avianca, Taca, LC Perú and Peruvian Airlines – the most expensive to the cheapest one. In general, Peruvian Airlines is a kind of low-cost airline. LAN is a company that provides more flights, but they’re more […]

What to bring in your bags for visiting Peru?

What documents should I take with? Good news for American citizens, Europeans, Swiss and Canadians, no visa is required to visit Peru. You just need to verify that you have a valid passport at least 6 months after your trip in Peru. We also remind you to photocopy / scan your ID, a precaution which may be useful once there. […]

What is the best time to visit Peru?

Everyone wants to know what the best time to visit Peru is, so let’s start with the good news: you can travel to Peru all year! The key is to know what you want: sun, a typical atmosphere trip to Peru without tourist crowds, small price … You decide! First, notice that we are in the southern hemisphere, and winter and summer […]